Truck Refrigeration Units for Delivery Applications

Keep Perishables Safe for Delivery

Considerations for your delivery vehicle:

Vehicle Size

What’s optimal for my business needs?

Can it be easily parked or maneuvered during delivery?

Insulation & Shelving

What insulation solution is best suited for my vehicle?

Do I need to add shelves in the back to keep products stored properly?

Temperature Control

What temperature do I need to safely keep my product at during transport? Are there noise requirements in the neighborhoods where I deliver?

How many door openings do I expect with a typical route?

If you purchase the correct delivery vehicle for your business application along with the appropriate insulation and temperature control solution, you’ll minimize food safety risks and maximize product quality.

Did you know?

Product safety

The cargo space of a commercial van without insulation and temperature control can reach up to 40C in the heat of the hot day.

For every 10.8 degrees in temperature rise, you decrease the shelf life of stored food by half.

Even for short periods of time, during loading, transit and unloading, the absence of temperature control can lead to considerable reduction in quality.