What To Look For In a Refrigerated Truck


Companies use refrigerated trucks to transport foods and drinks, pharmaceutical, floral arrangements, and any other product that needs to stay a certain temperature when being moved. To do this, companies need a vehicle with a consistently refrigerated body. If you want to purchase a vehicle for these purposes, here is what to look for in a refrigerated truck before you buy one.


The hallmark feature of a refrigerated truck is its cooling capacity. If you’re transporting flowers, you likely don’t want them frozen during shipment. On the other hand, you cannot undercool foods such as milk or vegetables—this can spoil the product. Make sure your truck meets your unique needs for refrigeration and insulation.

Right Size

Body size is another aspect to look for in a refrigerated truck. Depending on the size of your product or current operation scale, the truck’s size will vary. Consider buying a smaller truck to save money on purchase and gas costs or invest in a larger truck if you see your shipping needs growing soon.

Fuel Efficiency

Refrigerated trucks guzzle a lot of diesel. One fuel-saving method is upping the insulation in the truck to avoid losing cold air. Another way to improve efficiency is to keep the truck’s overall weight low by using lightweight insulated box. We have many lightweight refrigerated truck for meant to conserve diesel and keep you on the road longer than other trucks.

Lightweight Body

We produce one of the lightest bodies on the market. We are constantly looking for technical solutions which would enable us to decrease the weight even more. That gives our customers the possibility to have the highest payload while using our bodies.

Custom Solutions

Our product range is not limited to standard products. All our products can be customized to your specific needs. We have a flexible in-house production, a wide range of suppliers and an open-minded attitude to fresh ideas.